What’s a swamp worth?

Posted 01/02/2019

Newsroom website

Ahead of World Wetlands Day, Farah Hancock reports on three different wetlands and looks at the value they bring to their surroundings.

One of Auckland’s largest pieces of storm water infrastructure comes complete with a skate ramp, playground and dog-walkers.

Machinery can’t be spotted and people strolling around it wear athletic-wear, not safety vests.

The 40-hectare Waiatarua Reserve is home to a restored wetland which filters water that's run off from surrounding land and roads. The water, filtered through bunds and sediment traps, flows into Ōrākei Basin and then into the Waitematā Harbour.

It’s estimated each year the wetland stops 130 tonnes of sediment and contaminants from entering the basin and harbour.

World Wetlands Day, held February 2, hopes to bring attention to the wetlands under our noses, and those that have disappeared as land is drained for homes and farms.

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