Taranaki iwi speak out against intensive farming

Posted 19/07/2018

Radio NZ website

The criticism came in a document Taiao, Taiora - the Taranaki Iwi Environmental Management Plan.

The guide is intended to help decision-making by iwi, marae, pa, hapū and whānau, as kaitiaki of the Taranaki rohe.

It draws attention to what it calls contamination of whenua, or land, from cropping, intensive farming, and the use of agrichemicals and fertilisers.

The document said farming practices lead to soil and water contamination and degradation, and noted a lack of biodiversity in pasture land.

"Contamination of soil poses a threat to the health of Taranaki iwi and local community, to soil structure, productivity, and sustainability, and to the natural balance of endemic land-based ecosystems," the document said.

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