Survey Reveals Major Concerns About Water Quality

Posted 21/09/2017

Scoop NZ website

20 September 2017 - A nationwide survey has revealed that the majority of New Zealanders are concerned about pollution and the impacts of climate change and intensive agriculture on water quality.

The survey, undertaken by Water New Zealand, also found that most New Zealanders want to see charging for water extraction, particularly by water bottlers and other commercial interests as well as the agricultural sector.

The New Zealand Water Consumer Survey 2017 is a nationwide poll of almost 5000 people and seeks to gauge what New Zealanders think about critical issues associated with water.

It has found that most people are very concerned about drinking water quality in New Zealand though they believe that their water supplier provides high quality drinking water. These results differ across the country and people in urban areas have most confidence while confidence declines in regional centres and in rural areas.

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