Independent report on regional council compliance, monitoring and enforcement

Posted 30/05/2019

Independent Analysis of the 2017/2018 compliance, monitoring and enforcement metrics for the regional sector was commissioned by the regional council sector and completed by Dr Marie Brown from the Catalyst Group. 

The report calls out some councils for “significant shortcomings” – though most regional councils are performing consistently.

Many councils weren’t able to provide “relatively basic information”, meaning their efficacy was opaque. Internal policies were incomplete in some cases. Without them, councils aren’t able to demonstrate their decisions are fair and clear.

Council reporting is patchy. Some couldn’t even provide an accurate number of complaints they’d received. Of the 29,290 complaints received, about 25,500, or 87 percent, are responded to – but fewer than 9000 in person.

Councils said almost 50,000 consents, or about a quarter, required monitoring, and 91 percent were. But monitoring levels varied, from 100 percent in Taranaki, Southland, and Nelson, to 28 percent in Canterbury.

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