Ecologist issues dire warning about NZ's freshwater

Posted 24/11/2018

Newshub website

Many parts of New Zealand may be past the 'agricultural tipping point' according to author and ecologist Mike Joy, who says our agriculture system needs to undergo drastic changes.

"We need to face the fact that we have way too many cows in this country, for a start, and that's a big part of our problem," he told Newshub Nation.

Mr Joy is the author "From the Mountains to the Sea" a new book analysing New Zealand's freshwater crisis, its causes and possible solutions.  

"It's a crisis because we've got severely polluted water in most of our lowland areas. I mean, whatever standard you use, we stack up really, really bad.

"In some cases, like 75 percent of our native fish on the threatened species list, it's hard to imagine how it could be much worse."

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