Govt proposal: Action for healthy waterways

Posted 09/09/2019

Action for healthy waterways: Govt proposals, your views

River and mountain scene

New Zealanders want to swim, fish, gather mahinga kai and enjoy freshwater as our parents and grandparents did. We also need clean water to drink and irrigation to support a sustainable economy.

But our water is suffering as a result of urban development, agriculture, horticulture, forestry and other human activities. There is also a lack of robust regulation, monitoring and enforcement.

The Government wants to improve the current management of freshwater. 

It is proposing new requirements that would:

  • strengthen Te Mana o Te Wai as the framework for freshwater management
  • better provide for ecosystem health (water, fish and plant life)
  • better protect wetlands and estuaries
  • better manage stormwater and wastewater, and protect sources of drinking water
  • control high-risk farming activities and limit agricultural intensification
  • improve farm management practices. 

The Government is seeking your views on the proposals. 

Read the proposal at: action-for-healthy-waterways