It's time to act! - 3 ways to help

Email your local MP

Let your local MP know that you are deeply concerned about the deteriorating state of New Zealand's rivers, lakes and streams and ask them to act now for the sake of all New Zealanders and our future generations.

share the good

Share the good

Go and take an image that shows how much you love your river. Whether it's swimming, or fishing, or whatever, show us the fun you have in clean water - fun that you'll miss out on if our water quality standards continue to slip. 

share the bad

Share the bad

The quality of our river water is being degraded, slowly and steadily. Upload pics of any of our precious rivers suffering - it doesn't have to just be cows standing in the stream. Has your river lost fish live, or visibly degraded? 

See the Political Parties' answers on key environment questions


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Show us what New Zealand's Waterways mean to you, spread the message using #H2WHOA