Industrial Pollution, Dairy Farming, Agricultural Irrigation, Mining, Forestry...

Here are some Scary Facts about our Waterways

90 of monitored lowland pastoral & urban
rivers are unsafe
for recreation

62 of New Zealands waterways are unsafe
to swim in
due to pollution

72 of New ZealandsNative Fish are
threatened with extinction
in our waterways

44 of New Zealands Lakes are defined
as Polluted
for recreation

The Facts show how bad our waterways are, why are we ignoring them? Get the Latest

The New Zealand Government thinks this is ok:

Nick Smith

I do not think a legal requirement for every water body in New Zealand to be swimmable is practical Environment Minister Nick Smith.

Government Departments

Our Fresh Water

Ministry for the Environment

Clean Water

Fonterra Co-operative Group

Dairying and Clean Streams Accord

They must understand this is definitely not ok!! Act Now