We are borrowing - no, taking - from the future

Posted 28/06/2018

Stuff NZ website

OPINION: We have a period ahead of us as a farming sector, and for all New Zealanders in fact, that will bring about change at a level that none of us have ever experienced.

A significant amount of effort will be required of all of us if we are to meet the requirements New Zealand has committed to under the Paris Agreement on climate change.

My wife and I are dairy farming at Winton, Southland, milking 1100 cows. Throughout my 21 years of farming and in the generations that have farmed before us, there has been a major drive to increased production.

This has been necessary to maintain profitability, in an attempt to at least sustain, but also, hopefully grow our businesses. However, much of this has been done with a focus on production, rather than the overall sustainability of the farming industry.

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