Water: The great divide between townies and farmers

Posted 31/10/2017

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Whether you're a city dweller or live out in the sticks, we all want the same thing: clean water for everybody in New Zealand.

I remember many years ago someone saying that World War III would be fought over access to clean water.

Looking at the current state of the world, you'd have to say that prediction will probably be proved wrong. The most likely causes of the next world war will be exactly the same as what caused the previous two: stupidity, greed, power, ego and money.

Now, water might not be about to cause a conflict on a global scale - or at least not yet - but it is most definitely the cause of a conflict right here in good old Godzone with the proposed 'water tax' sparking a national debate during the recent election.

When fixing the water fixes so much more
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This not only highlighted the divide between farmers and townies, it widened it by considerable degrees as city dwellers accused farmers of arrogance and abuse of the environment and rural communities hit back with allegations of ignorance and double standards.

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