Opinion: Vested interests hold sway

Posted 04/02/2019

NZ Herald website

While walking down the Marine Parade, Napier last week against the flow of tourists, council signs caught my eye. "Talk to Us" "Your Ideas Matter". They reminded me of George Orwell's 1984 "Big Brother" and I reflected on the velodrome and dam, rejected by all but the vested interests.

"Have your say" was another phrase used regarding Napier Port. Many who presumably thought their ideas actually mattered made submissions but to no avail for the overwhelming majority.

Recently, a presentation was made by the CHB water user group to delay restrictions on their priority use of water (HBRC December 18 2018).

The impression from the HBRC discussion was that a few large farms were so important to business that they should retain their current water use for longer and also be allocated more water from the 15 million cubic metres "discovered" during the dam proposal.

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