Microplastics in our fresh water?

Posted 20/12/2018

NZ Herald website

New $12.5m research project aims to measure impact of microplastics in NZ's water.

Microplastics in water supplies have been identified by the United Nations as a threat similar to climate change – and now research is under way to see if they are present in how New Zealand's fresh water.

This major new study, to investigate the extent of water contamination by microplastics in New Zealand is being led by Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) scientist Dr Olga Pantos and environmental consultant Dr Grant Northcott. More than $12.5 million in government funding has been allocated for research on the impact of microplastics and the threat they pose to New Zealand's ecosystems, animals and people.

Recent overseas studies have shown microplastic particles in drinking water and food, and the United Nations Environment Programme recently likened the issue to climate change, due to its global scale and the magnitude of potential risks it poses to ecosystems and human health.

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