Farmers: enough is enough

Posted 31/12/2018

NZ Herald website

But dairy farmers not compliant on effluent matters can be easily fixed.

Waikato dairy farmer Ross Wallis feels effluent non-compliance in the Waikato region can be easily fixed – by cracking down on offenders.

The Waikato Regional Council (WRC) recently announced that 31 per cent of "high-risk" Waikato farms inspected for effluent compliance were found to be significantly non-compliant. The Council targeted 239 of the 3800 farms in the region – those that are known to have less than seven days effluent storage, those on high risk soils or repeat offenders.

Wallis, a member of DairyNZ's Waikato Dairy Leaders Group, says the non-compliance figures in the Waikato are "unacceptable".

"If you look at farmers across the board, about 95 per cent nationally are compliant," says Wallis. "So what's happening in Waikato is not fair on them – and a lot of farmers are now saying enough is enough and that there needs to be more enforcement, especially on repeat offenders.

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